Creating projects - Perth

You can create projects from your admin area (right next to services, employees). To display them you need to download and install this  plugin. This plugin creates a shortcode that you can use to display a filterable masonry portfolio.

The shortcode:
[perth-masonry posts="8" show_all_text="See all" post_type="projects" filter="yes" include=""]

Available attributes:
posts="8" -> Number of posts to display;
show_all_text="See all" -> Text displayed for the filter button that shows all posts;
post_type="projects" -> Custom post type to show posts from. You can also add post to display regular posts. If you use the shortcode with the Perth Projects custom post type than you can also make use of the custom URLs feature that the projects provide.
filter="yes" -> Filter display. yes shows the filter, any other value hides it.
include="" -> Categories slugs to display in the layout and from which the filter will be built. Example: include="landscapes,people,cars"

Please note: your posts need featured images in order to be displayed in the masonry layout. Only one instance of the shortcode should be used per page.

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