Image sizes guide - Talon

Here are the image sizes used throughout the Talon theme:

  1. Slider: there is no registered image size for the slider, but it is recommended that you use images of around 1920x1080 pixels. Considering that these images tend to have a large file size, it is recommended that you optimize them with Kraken or a similar service.
  2. Services, employees, clients: the image size is 200 x (auto height). The handle is talon-home-small.
  3. Projects, home blog widget: the image size is 280 x 280px (cropped). The handle is talon-home-large.
  4. Testimonials: the image size is cropped at 36 x 36px. There is no handle.
Please note: if you want, you can change these image sizes by using a plugin called Simple Image Sizes.
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