Header settings in Sydney Pro

In Sydney Pro, you can choose between multiple header types from Customize > Header Area > Header Type:

  1. Crelly Slider
  2. Full screen slider (the default one)
  3. Image
  4. Video
  5. Shortcode
  6. No header (only the menu)

Options 1) and 5) are specific to Sydney Pro so we will explain them a bit:

Crelly Slider

The Crelly Slider is a third party plugin that is available for free here. If you select this option, you will need to create a slider using this plugin, copy the alias for that specific slider and the go to Customize > Header Area > Crelly Slider and paste the alias you've previously copied.


This option is also useful to create a slider header and you can use it with any slider plugin you want. The only requirement is that the plugin you use generates a shortcode (which most plugins of this type do). Once you build your slider and get your shortcode, go to Customize > Header Area > Shortcode and paste the full shortcode you got from your plugin.

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